ELiquid Depot Vape Juice Range

I was sufficiently impressed by the enthusiasm with which ELiquid Depot’s Premium Blend Gentleman – A smooth and sweet RY4 tobacco was praised by its devotees that despite my aversion to tobacco flavors in general, I did try ELiquid Depot’s RY4 vape juice, which is mild caramel with a rich tobacco flavor e-liquid that has been a daily staple of many Vapers for some years. In my early days as a vaper, I used my fair share of RY4 too, I can honestly say that ELiquid Depot RY4 is the best vape juice of its type that I have ever had the pleasure to vape.

If RY4 was the only e-liquid that ELiquid Depot produced I might have been tempted to vape it regularly myself but I’m happy to report that they produce a range of other non-tobacco flavors too. In fact, there are only couple of them in tobacco flavor, while 90% of them are fusion of fruits. I have recently been trying out many from their range and tasted Strawberry cheesecake, Kiwi strawberry yogurt, Mango Peach Pineapple, Strawberry Watermelon Candy, Honeydew with tropical fruits and Fruity gummy candy.

Each has a remarkably distinctive flavor – strong and dominating but most certainly mouth-wateringly tasty. There is a multi-layered quality to every one of these juices that delight the senses of taste and smell with an unfolding palate of different tones. Probably more than any other e-liquid that I have tried ELiquid Depot Premium E-Juice changes its flavor characteristics depending on the temperature that it is vaporized at and the atomizer employed – and astonishingly I have yet to find a combination that does not bring a rewarding sensation.

The whole ELiquid Depot range has a pleasing smooth quality that is easy on the throat. The Nicotine concentrations of the range are a little different to those commonly found, they are: 3mg and 6mg. My choice was to step up the Nicotine strength scale to 6mg rather than my usual 3mg e-liquid choice and I’m pleased to report that I did not regret that decision once I had tried them. The flavor alone was sufficient reward, negating the need for a higher Nicotine strength. The 80/20 PG/VG mix employed by ELiquid Depot throughout its range gives plenty of vapor while carrying the complex flavors well.

Where you can buy ELiquid Depot Premium E-Juice. The best way to get it at eliquid-depot.com. ELiquid Depot also has its own retail shop in Melbourne, FL and an Interweb store that lists a very comprehensive range of flavors.

In UK the distribution is handled exclusively by partner outlet who sell a selected number of the most popular flavors from the ELiquid Depot range both at wholesale and at retail through their online and physical shops. The partner’s roll is to import ELiquid Depot Premium E-Liquid, bottle and label it in the UK regulation manner within their dedicated clean room and then to facilitate its availability throughout UK. At the time of writing ELiquid Depot feature, the UK range consisted of no fewer than 24 ELiquid Depot flavors each of which is available in a choice of differing Nicotine strengths – the depth of the stock held amply demonstrates the confidence the partner has in the ELiquid Depot range.